Fields of application


There are a large number of different manufacturers, models and designs of forklifts and other lift trucks. There is also different ways to lift them all, which puts high demands on us as a manufacturer.

Since there is a large variety of different models of trucks and different ways of lifting these, this places special demands on us as manufacturers. We provide both ready-made standard solutions and the ability to tailor-made unique solutions.

Type Max load
4-Post Lifts & Service Lifts  6 – 100 ton
Lifts for Stackers and Pallet Trucks 2 500 kg
Lifts for Order Pickers and smaller Machines 2 000 kg
Mobile Column Lifts for Forklifts  7 – 10 ton
Special On request

Safety and dependability are crucial for everyone who works with service of very heavy vehicles and our lifters are therefore developed with a focus on quality and reliability.

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Fields of application