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DPS2 – Lifts for Order Pickers and smaller Machines

Dendro DPS2 is a lift to service order pickers and other similar small machines with wheels, it is no longer necessary to sit in a low uncomfortable working position.

To safely, quickly and easily lift an order picker and similar small machines for easier access to the motor, batteries, brakes, wheels and suspension. The lift has been developed together with some of the world’s leading truck suppliers, ensuring that it meets all the requirements for safe and efficient service of order picker.

Fast and flexible. By driving up the ramp, it is possible to lift the vehicle up to any comfortable working height in a matter of minutes. With the touch of a button, the height is then continuously adjusted to the correct level for each task. The lift is suitable for most types of small vehicles and machines with a weight of up to 2,000 kg.
The ramps can easily be removed and placed on the lift during transport and storage.

The lift provides a comfortable ergonomic working position for the lifted vehicle quickly and efficiently. By keeping three sides free, it is easy to access most parts of the machine. There is simply no reason anymore to expose the body to awkward and strenuous postures.

The lift is very easy to install since it is not attached to the floor. The only thing required is a 16A three phase outlet. The lift has fork tunnels and is therefore easy to move with a forklift.

Safety and reliability have been the focus of the development of the Dendro DPS2, therefore the lift is equipped with the following safety equipment:
• Self-locking, non-reversing trapezoidal lifting spindle with safety follower nut.
• Enclosed gearbox with brake motor – prevents unintentional lowering of the load.
• Easily accessible emergency stop.
• Safety limit switches for nut wear – stops the lift in case of too excessive nut wear.
• Safety limit switches checks for obstacles beneath when the lift is lowered.
• Safety limit switches for both maximum and minimum height.
The self-locking spindle allows you to immediately start working on the raised truck without any further safety precautions.
The lifter is CE certified in accordance with the EN 2010:1493 standard for vehicle lifters.

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Fields of application