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Mobile Column Lifts 7–10 tons

Dendros Mobile Column Lifts offer long lasting trouble free use combined with very high safety levels.

The Mobile Column Lifts are lightweight, have a small turning radius and can be stored at about only 1 m2/each. Our Mobile Column Lifts provide a comfortable position for working underneath the uplifted vehicle. With our sturdy, heavy-duty jack stands in place; work can then also easily be done to axles, wheels, and suspension.

The lifting capacity is 7 to 10 tons per lifting jack depending on the choice of model. The lifting jacks can be connected and synchronized from 1 to 8 units depending on what the requirements are. Synchronization is done through a centrally located PLC which ensures that all jacks always lift horizontally regardless of weight distribution of the vehicle. The cabling between the lifting jacks is in a U-design so that the vehicle can easily be driven in and backed out without removing the cables.

Safe and reliable operation has been the guiding principle in the development of Dendro LB7. Therefore, the lifting columns are all equipped with the following safety equipment:

  • Easily accessible emergency stop on each jack.
  • Self-locking, non-reversing lifting spindle nut with safety follower nut.
  • Enclosed gearbox with brake motor – prevents lowering of the load = double security.
  • Lifting / lowering movement synchronized by central PLC.
  • Main contactor, which cuts the power to all lifting jacks in case synchronization fault.
  • Safety limit switches for nut wear – blocks the lift function in case of too excessive nut wear.
  • Safety limit switches checks for obstacles when the lift is lowered.
  • Safety limit switches for both maximum and minimum height.
  • The lifting carriage is guided within the lift column by means of wheel flanged rollers.
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