Heavy-duty Jack stands

As a natural complement to our lifting jacks we provide highly stable rolling jack stands/ axle stands for extra safety or to enable work on wheels, suspension and axles.

Heavy-duty Jack stands can also used to hold industrial work pieces at ergonomically work levels.

The Jack stands comes in various types with different heights and different loads and can all have swivel castors to make them easy to place under the object. The castors retracts automatically when load is applied. The wheels have a locking break.

Type Max load Max height
High loads  20 – 50 ton 600 – 1500 mm
3 leg 8 – 20 ton 1000 – 2200 mm
4 leg 8 – 20 ton 1000 – 2200 mm
Fix height 20 – >50 ton 500 – 1500 mm
Special On request

Custom made Jack stands can be made for any height and load.

Made according to Swedish rules and regulations

  • CE-labeled
  • Max height 4,5 times tilting radius (Rmin)
  • Solid labeled with max load
  • Floor load at max load max 2 MPa
  • Safety factor 1,6 without remaining deformation
  • Safety factor 3 without break down
  • 3 x max load at 10˚ tilt without break down
  • Arbetarskyddsstyrelsens författningssamling AFS 1998:8 – Arbete i motorbranschen
  • Svensk standard · SS-EN 1494+A1:2008 Lyftutrustning – Rörliga eller flyttbara domkrafter och likartad lyftutrustning
  • Nordtest NT MECH 002
  • Konsumentverket/KO PM 2005:08 Pallbockar

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