Fields of application

Bogie load test

For static load test on any type of Bogie

It’s quick and easy to perform delivery spring load tests on a bogie with Dendro Lift BFT. Functionalities like automatic programs, programmable bogie types and simple visualization of data makes it intuitive and easy to ensure high quality on prior work.

Boggiload test machine with perpendicular top beam

With a turnable top beam, it is possible to test a bogie regardless of the pressure points’ locations relative to the track. A variable axis length ensures that the pressure is applied right on any type of bogie.

Boggiload test machine with parallel top beam

It should be easy to do it right. The machine has an automatic test program, several programmable bogie profiles and easily entered specifications for different bogie models. The intuitive user interface presents the results in a easily understood and distinct way to avoid mistakes. Finished, custom made report templates delivered straight to the computer for further reporting is available as an optional.

Excel print out of the report

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