Dendro Lifts Volvo Bus

Postat den October 7, 2021

Nothing is too big for Dendro to lift!

Volvo Bus had a problem: “Our new buses are transported by trucks with differing heights – how do we get them onto the trucks when we don’t know the height beforehand?” The solution: We’ll raise the ground and drive them onboard!

Together with Volvo Bus, we developed a six-column lift with roadway which raises a bus from ground level and allows it to drive onto the truck with ease. Good solutions shouldn’t be more complicated than necessary!

Thank you Volvo for a good cooperation!

DSS2 conquers Europe!

Postat den September 22, 2021

Mind if we brag a bit?

Because the DSS2 has taken Europe by storm!

The DSS2 is our revolutionary lift, aimed at securing ergonomics and working environment when servicing forklifts and pallet trucks. You can read more here!

We’re very happy and proud of the positive reception the lift has received internationally. Now, we look forward to helping the rest with a better workplace environment!

A better resolution of the map is found here!

Heavy duty – Important duty

Postat den September 15, 2021

Some tasks are more important than others, and some products are more special that others.

Dendro have a presence in all type of workshop- and industry environments. Recently, we got the opportunity to develop a jack stand specialized on supporting APM’s. A heavy duty!

We love to brag about satisfied customers!

Kongsberg Maritime has a line-up of Dendro products. The latest addition is a fixed platform which enables working at height.

The platform is a part of Kongsberg’s hard and important work with solving risks in the workshop. They are, according to them, very happy with the solution – and we’re very happy with the cooperation.

Thanks Kongsberg!

Jungheinrich equip their workshops, starting with Europe, with the DSS2-1800 stacker lift. This is in order to quicken the process of servicing trucks while also enhancing the ergonomics and quality of the job being done. To maximize the potential, they chose the DSS2 with lifting height 1800 mm and a shorter lifting time.

These DSS2’s are delivered with matching yellow/gray colours, the same colours as Junheinrich’s line of products. They are also equipped with the following options:

  • 1800 mm lifting height
  • Increased speed lifting 30 % faster
  • Double electrical outlets for powering tools needed for the job
  • Adapter’s (4pcs) for trucks with linking arm underneath the fork
  • Customer-customized colouring
  • Extra grease cartridge

DSS2 with Jungheinrich colours

Dendro has delivered two sets of four LB10 for use in servicing and maintaining freight wagons at Euromaint in Landskrona in two different workshops.

The lifters are equipped with radio-based remote controls, automatic lubrication, drive motor operation with soft start, and adapters for wagons with high lifting points.

Asymmetrical pallet jacks for Sandvik

Postat den May 19, 2021

Dendro has delivered two different types of 10 ton pallet jacks to Sandvik for their internal production. The pallets are adjustable between 310-430 mm and 430-680 mm and are asymmetrical to fit under the conical object. The two types also have different colors so that you can easily distinguish them.

But here you see how it is used, turned out very well 😊
Amanda Jepson, Sandivk

Jönköping has choosen to invest in electric buses. To maintain electric buses with technology on the roof, they needed an innovative solution. We at Dendro were pleased to be able to deliver that solution.

Our bus roof platforms were installed in February and this week we were finally able to be on site to educate the staff. They were very happy with the platforms and saw it as the natural way to work.

Thank you Jönköping for allowing us to be a part of this green investment!

Dendro Lift Bogie Load Test BFT50 film

Postat den April 2, 2021

Dendro Lift has together with Alstom produced a short film that shows how they use Dendro Lift BFT 50 to ensure the quality of their work with renovating the bogie in their new industrialized production line in Motala.

English Film (2:09)

Trailer (0:44)

Roof working platforms for buses

Postat den March 5, 2021

Dendro Lift has been entrusted with delivering 2 pcs. 18 meter roof platforms for buses from Pfaff to the new bus depot in Jönköping. With these, a safe and efficient workplace is created for the work on modern electric buses that have much of their equipment on the roof. The roof working platforms are autoamtically extened out to create a safe transition to the roof and together with the sliding front gate, a safe working area is created completely without any risk of falling.

15 ton pallets for storage in two levels

Postat den March 1, 2021

Dendro Lift has delivered PB15 1150 1076 D4 to Kongsberg maritime specially adapted to store axles in two levels on top of each other to save space. The pallets are painted in the customer’s own light blue RAL color.

Dendro has delivered 4 LB20 specially adapted lifts for mining vehicles LH517 and LH621 which are both very heavy and have very large wheels.
All the technicians in the workshop immediately saw how much easier their work would be and, for example, changing hoses on the underside went from something that no one wanted to do to a simple job.

Dendro has delivered 4 PB20 1300-2200T R4 to be used 1225 m below ground in a mine. These pallets jacks are continuously adjustable from 1300 mm to 2200 mm using a trapezoidal screw.

Dendro DSS2 lift to Norway

Postat den December 8, 2020

PostNord in Norway have received their first stacker lift: “It works really well. Make everyday life easier for us.” says their technian Stian Gjerdbakken

Dendro has replaced the existing grease system with long hoses, leaking joints and unreliable grease feeding with Dendro’s reliable automatic lubrication with short hoses and few joints on 66 lifting jacks.

   Mounting the grease system does not require any machining of the existing lift as it is attached with a very strong (85N) magnet

     Dendro’s reliable automatic lubrication can replace manual procedures or unreliable solutions in a very simple way without the need to drill or thread into the existing equipment.

Dendro delivers DSS2 to Denmark

Postat den October 1, 2020

The week before this, Dendro visited danish Protruck for installation and education of personel operating our first truck lifts in the country.

The installation was, other than the first in a country, the first time a Hyster truck was lifted. As proven by the picture, Hyster’s trucks fits the lift perfectly. Another win for the DSS2!

We look forward to working more with Protruck, Hyster and future satisfied customers in Denmark.

Dendro Lift has launched a high-temperature lubricant specially adapted for our trapezoidal threaded screws that guarantee long life and trouble-free use. The grease is part of our automatic lubrication system which automatically applies the lubricant directly to the lifting nut for between 1-12 months, depending on need. The product is also gentle on the environment as it is prepared for separation of waste and recycling.

Kongsberg Maritime in Sweden granted Dendro the assignment to upgrade existing pallet jacks (blue) to improve the work environment and ergonomics.

Dendro has designed and delivered trolleys (yellow) with spring-loaded wheels so that the pallet jacks can easily move to where to be used.

When the load is applied, the wheels spring retracts and the pallet stands then firmly on the floor with its existing feet.

Dendro can develop this type of upgrade to most types of existing pallets.

Assembly and disassembly of subway car couplings

Postat den September 16, 2020

Dendro delivers two units to facilitate assembly and disassembly of couplers between SL metro cars to MTR Hammarbydepå. The unit consists of a coupling assembly table “KMB” and a lower part, a coupling assembly trolley “KMV”

KMB enables you to freely move the couplers in the XY direction and with a crank easily change the angle in such a way that you can fit the couplers screws into the holes in the subway car.

KMV makes it easy to raise and lower the KMB to the correct working height and to move the couplers with in the depot in a practical way.

Dendro Lift opens UK office

Postat den September 2, 2020

Dendro Lift continues its international expansion! On September 1st 2020, we opened a local sales office to handle the demand for our products from customers in the UK. We are proud to welcome Anthony Sullivan as a local sales manager to our international team. “We see the UK as an important future market for Dendro Lift and now we can finally offer local support.” says Mickey Petersson, European Sales Manager.

Four-pillar lift for Toyota Material Handling

Postat den September 1, 2020

The new lift can handle vehicles up to 20 tons and has a motorized adjustable driveway width.

Dendro Lift DSS2 to Israel

Postat den August 14, 2020

The BT / Toyota Material Handling Israeli distributor Danziv has chosen to invest in 4 pcs. Dendro DSS2 Lifts for Stackers and Pallet Trucks to make their service more efficient and to improve the ergonomics for their service technicians.

Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz durch Dendro.

There’s no summer vacation here at Dendro – work place safety doesn’t get less important because midsummer is approaching!

As the Swedish grad students celebrated their graduations last Friday, we sent two of our truck lifts – the DSS2 – to german industries. Good solutions see no borders!

The Dendro DPS2 is designed together with one of the leading truck construction companies in the world in order to get effective maintenance of order pickers. This by giving easy access to engine, batteries, brakes and wheel suspension without having to sit in a low and uncomfortable working position.

The DPS2 also fits, or can be custmed to fit, smaller machines like scissor lifts, cleaning machines and such. The lift fits most types of machines with a weight of maximum 2 000 kg.

The lift is very easy to install since it’s standing free on the floor, without the need of any other kind of fastening mechanisms. The lift has fork tunnels which makes it easy to move around with a fork lift.

TVH as a world-leading supplier of spare parts and accessories for forkslifts has chosen to install Dendro DSS2 Lift for Stackers and Pallet Trucks at its workshop at the head office in Belgium to facilitate the service of support trucks. “With DSS2 we can work much more ergonomically.” says Cedric Onyn, L&D Technical Operations Coordinator at TVH Equipment NV in Waregem.

Dendro has delivered a DSS2 to facilitate servicing of Toyota trucks at Coop central warehouse in Bro, Sweden.

Dendro has delivered 38 special built 20-tonns jack stand rollers to Rolls Royce in Kristinehamn.


Dendro has delivered a bogie spring test machine with 30-ton press force to Alstom Transport in Motala. The machine is developed in-house and has a unique swivel top beam to be able to press the bogie with load points that lie either transverse or parallel to the rail. The machine is adapted for testing the bogie for Alstom Coradia X60, X61 and X62 vehicles, but works for most bogie types. The bogie spring test machine includes a tool for automatically generating test protocols.

Total weight ca.10 ton With: 4 500 mm Height: 3 100 mm Length: 8 550 mm

Dendro Lift has started a collaboration with Solberga station AB who are expert consultants in the railway industry.

Solberga station AB can offer education and other support concerning work environment and safety issues, among other things lifting equipment.

Learn more about our new partner: Solberga station AB

Much new information about our jack stands

Postat den January 4, 2019

Now is the web for jack stands updated
• Updated main page with a general product sheet about all products
• 5 new pages
• 3 Swedish pages with specific product sheets
• All pages are also available in English

In November, the first lift with C10 vehicles was made in the newly built workshop in Neglinge on Saltsjöbanan and the equipment was handed over to the client.

In conjunction with the delivery of the new vehicle lifts, a new 16 tonne bogie lift and specially adapted jack stands were also delivered to replace the bogie.

Roof platforms in Eskilstuna handed over

Postat den December 3, 2018

Now have the total 648 meter moving roof platforms in Eskilstuandepån been tested with MÄLAB’s new ER 1 Stadler DOSTO trains. It is now possible to perform safe and secure work on the roofs of the vehicles.

Dendro Lift delivers 50-ton jack stands

Postat den December 3, 2018

Dendro, together with Bengtsson Maskin, has delivered a lifting solution with Dendro PB50 jack stands to Cementa in Slite for servicing the 100-ton dumper Caterpillar 77D

Dendro lifts tourist buses

Postat den April 10, 2018

Axelssons Turisttrafik AB is a bus company located in the mälar town of Västerås. They have now supplemented their workshop with another 6. Dendro LB7 column lifts to efficiently manage the maintenance on their 35 buses in the size 13 – 80 people.