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DSS2 – Lifts for Stackers and Pallet Trucks

Our new and revolutionary lifter that both makes the job easier and increases safety

Servicing a stacker no longer requires sitting in a low and uncomfortable working position nor raising it with a scissor lift that does not give you full stability nor easy access to all sides.

The lifter is specially developed to enable lifting a stacker safely, quickly, and easily for easier access to engines, batteries, brakes, and wheel suspensions. The lifter is developed together with some of the leading stacker manufacturers in the world to ensure that fulfills all needs and requirements for servicing stackers in a safe and efficient way.

The agile and flexible construction makes it easy to insert the stacker’s support legs, tighten the fastening screws, and quickly raise it to the desired working height with the simple press of a button. The DSS2 is suitable for most types of stackers/pallet trucks/transporters with a weight of up to 2500 kg.

DSS2 comes in two versions with a lifting height of 1 400 mm or 1 800 mm

The lift quickly and efficiently provides a comfortable working position for working with the raised machine. Thanks to that three sides are free; all essential service parts of the stacker are easily accessible. There is simply no longer a reason to be exposed to uncomfortable, strenuous, and unsafe working positions.

No permanent installation is needed, the lifter is easily moved to the desired working area.

Safety and reliability have been the focus during the development of the Dendro Lift DSS2, and it’s therefore equipped with the following safety equipment:

  • Self-locking, non-reversing trapezoidal lifting spindle with safety follower nut.
  • Enclosed gearbox with brake motor – prevents unintentional lowering of the load.
  • Easily accessible emergency stop.
  • Safety limit switches for nut wear – stops the lift in case of too excessive nut wear.
  • Safety limit switches checks for obstacles beneath when the lift is lowered.
  • Safety limit switches for both maximum and minimum height.
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