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Jet engine

We have been manufacturing lifting system for the airline industry since the 1970s. We know their requirements and understand how important it is with high reliability to avoid costly interruptions.

A unique product in our catalog is our lifting systems for aircraft engines DendroPT90, developed for large aircrafts (B-747, DC-10 and Airbus 310, etc.). It consists of a trailer with lift for removal and installation of jet engines on an airplane.
The trailer has an explosion-proof version and is approved by both Boeing and Airbus. The system includes a cradle, a positioning trailer and a motor holder.

DendroPT90 positioning trailer requires very little preparation and can quickly be put into work.
The trailer is easy rolled under the engine and placed in position by eye or plumb line. As soon as the engine is released, it can be lowered and transported to the waiting workshop. The most effective and time saving method is of course to have a replacement engine standing ready on another trailer.

DendroPT90 position trailer meets all quality and safety requirements of the market’s security. For any adjustment of status in addition to the length, so-called screw jacks. This system provides precision. Lifting and moving is motorized.

Saving time means no restrictions on security. Variations in heights during the moving of the trailer, especially when lifting, are eliminated by the self-adjusting jacks. This eliminates the risk of displacement of the load. An embedded system of load elements in DendroPT90 protects the motor against overload suspension.

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Fields of application