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Roof Access Platform for Buses

In addition to a safe work environment, moving roof platforms from Dendro also offer a comfortable, ergonomic and efficient workplace

Dendro’s extendable bus roof platform is specially developed to safely, quickly and easily serve a modern bus with more and more of its equipment on the roof.

Work at height

To safely service modern buses with roofing equipment means work at height, protective equipment is required by the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s.

  • Fall accidents are one of the most common and most serious types of workplace accidents.
  • Fixed fall protection better than personal

”Personal fall protection equipment can only be used in exceptional cases if collective protection is not possible to use, or where the time required to get these devices in place takes considerably longer than it takes to carry out the work in question.”

Height and width adjustment

It is easy to enter the bus when the roof platform is open. Then closing the platform, which in sections automatically adapts to the width of the bus.

Since buses can have different heights, there are two different variants to handle this:

  1. Height-adjustable roof platforms that can easily be adjusted to the desired height. Raising is done electromechanically via self-inhibiting trapezoidal screws.
  2. Combine the platforms with flexible under-floor lifts to raise the bus to the desired height.


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Roof platforms for buses

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