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LB20G – A lift for big vehicles

Flexible maintenance for vehicles with very big wheels

With Dendro LB20G, doing maintenance on vehicles with big wheels is easy. LB20G have a sturdy construction and is equipped with a drive unit to enable easy movement on the floor. This means that the jack is easy to move into the right position, despite of its size. The jacks have spring-loaded wheels which automatically retract when lifting. Thus, no further action is needed to secure them before lifting the vehicle.

LB20G mining vehicle maintenance lift

The lifting jacks provides an ergonomic working position when working with the undercarriage of the vehicle. Lifting is done with a separate remote-control handle, giving the operator good overview during the whole movement. A built-in laser pointer makes it easy to position the lifts to the center of the wheels.

technician working underneath a lifted vehicle

Technician working underneath a lifted vehicle

It is possible to use the jacks in single mode, in pairs or all four simultaneously. Automatic synchronization means that all jacks lift horizontally regardless of weight distribution of the vehicle. The central control unit is placed on one of the jacks, providing a complete and flexible solution. A variety of adapters for the lifts are available. A wireless remote-control unit is possible as an option. Developing additional unique adapters is a quick and easy process if the need would arise.

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Fields of application