Fields of application

4-Post Lifts & Service Lifts

The Dendro 4-Post Service lift is suitable for most heavy vehicles. The lifting technology is based on our self-sustaining screw/nut system in the same way as Dendro’s other lifters. This is a well proven design, known for its reliability and longevity.

The design is highly robust and provides a high safety level. By default, our 4-Post Lifts handle loads from 6 to 32 tons, but it is possible to produce solutions for even higher loads. The length of the runways and the width between the pillars are fully flexible and can be decided by the customer. To cope with different gauges, one runway can move sideways and to lift three-wheel vehicles we can supply an additional support runway. For improved versatility the runways has such strength that, even equipped with the long runways, it is capable to lift heavy compact-built forklifts.

In the fully synchronized tandem design the Dendro 4-Post Lifts can even handle larger vehicle combination, even if they are 25 m long and weighs up to 64 tons. The Dendro 4-Post Lifts adjustable access ramps are always being lifted up along with the runways. The standard design is entering the vehicles from one side of the lift, but the lift can also be equipped with a ramp on the opposite side to make it possible to enter and exit on both sides.

Installation can be done on the floor or recessed so that the runways in the lower position is in level with the floor. When mounted on floors, the ramp is supplemented with an extra ramp on the floor for trucks with very low clearance height.

The lifting movement is done with our self-locking, non-reversing lifting spindle nut and secured with safety follower nut. They drive system is always well protected inside of the posts of the lift. The system has built-in brake, providing flexible and exact stopping locations. An electronic synchronization ensures that the runways are always kept horizontal during movement.

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