Dendro Lift AB is a leading Swedish manufacturer of advanced lifting equipment. Our lifting jacks are based on the screw drive since this solution provides an optimal combination of high performance, safety, and reliable operation at the right cost.

Dendro has been focused on lifting heavy vehicles for over 50 years. Therefore, we are very familiar with how a lifting jack shall be designed to combine a minimum of maintenance and hassle with the best possible performance, flexibility and security. Our lifting jacks are well known for their long life span and high quality. We have implemented ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 procedures to ensure that we maintain our high quality in all that we do.

The modular concept of our design allows us to offer both customized solutions and short delivery times. We know that our products are used over a long period and through our spare parts supply, we ensure that they can continue to be used year after year without problems.

A well-functioning service organization is very important and therefore we have established a network of qualified service partners that can quickly be on site to resolve the issues and eliminate downtime. We also offer long term service agreements to ensure that the lifting jacks always get the right maintenance, which ensures long and trouble free life.

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