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Automatic Lubrication System

Dendro's automatic lubrication system ensures a long lifespan without manual labor.

Dendro’s automatic lubrication system consists of lubricating cartridges with a high-temperature lubricant specially adapted for our trapezoidal threaded screws that guarantee a long life and trouble-free use. The grease is part of our automatic lubrication system which automatically applies the lubricant directly to the lifting nut for between 1-12 months, depending on need.

There are two sizes, depending on the needs and operating conditions. The advantage of the 60 ml model is less excess grease.

    Screw size
Lift movements ≤TR40 TR60 ≥TR80
≥ 5 times/day 60 ml 120 ml 120 ml
1-4 times/day 60 ml 60 ml 120 ml
Seldom 60 ml 60 ml 60 ml

The product is also gentle on the environment as it is prepared for source sorting.

K1-0695 Spindle Grease HT GL04 60ml

K1-0384B Spindle Grease HT GL04 120ml

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Fields of application