Dendro Lift exhibits on IFOY in Germany

On March 21-23, 2022, we will participate in the IFOY TEST CAMP in Dortmund.

Here, all major suppliers of fork lift meet to selecte the  most innovative product of the year.

Dendro Lifts Volvo Bus

Nothing is too big for Dendro to lift!

Volvo Bus had a problem: “Our new buses are transported by trucks with differing heights – how do we get them onto the trucks when we don’t know the height beforehand?” The solution: We’ll raise the ground and drive them onboard!

Together with Volvo Bus, we developed a six-column lift with roadway which raises a bus from ground level and allows it to drive onto the truck with ease. Good solutions shouldn’t be more complicated than necessary!

Thank you Volvo for a good cooperation!

DSS2 conquers Europe!

Mind if we brag a bit?

Because the DSS2 has taken Europe by storm!

The DSS2 is our revolutionary lift, aimed at securing ergonomics and working environment when servicing forklifts and pallet trucks. You can read more here!

We’re very happy and proud of the positive reception the lift has received internationally. Now, we look forward to helping the rest with a better workplace environment!

A better resolution of the map is found here!

Heavy duty – Important duty

Some tasks are more important than others, and some products are more special that others.

Dendro have a presence in all type of workshop- and industry environments. Recently, we got the opportunity to develop a jack stand specialized on supporting APM’s. A heavy duty!

Kongsberg happy with our addition to workplace safety

We love to brag about satisfied customers!

Kongsberg Maritime has a line-up of Dendro products. The latest addition is a fixed platform which enables working at height.

The platform is a part of Kongsberg’s hard and important work with solving risks in the workshop. They are, according to them, very happy with the solution – and we’re very happy with the cooperation.

Thanks Kongsberg!

Jungheinrich enhance their ergonomics with DSS2-1800

Jungheinrich equip their workshops, starting with Europe, with the DSS2-1800 stacker lift. This is in order to quicken the process of servicing trucks while also enhancing the ergonomics and quality of the job being done. To maximize the potential, they chose the DSS2 with lifting height 1800 mm and a shorter lifting time.

These DSS2’s are delivered with matching yellow/gray colours, the same colours as Junheinrich’s line of products. They are also equipped with the following options:

  • 1800 mm lifting height
  • Increased speed lifting 30 % faster
  • Double electrical outlets for powering tools needed for the job
  • Adapter’s (4pcs) for trucks with linking arm underneath the fork
  • Customer-customized colouring
  • Extra grease cartridge

DSS2 with Jungheinrich colours

Two sets of four LB10 delivered to Euromaint in Landskrona

Dendro has delivered two sets of four LB10 for use in servicing and maintaining freight wagons at Euromaint in Landskrona in two different workshops.

The lifters are equipped with radio-based remote controls, automatic lubrication, drive motor operation with soft start, and adapters for wagons with high lifting points.

Asymmetrical pallet jacks for Sandvik

Dendro has delivered two different types of 10 ton pallet jacks to Sandvik for their internal production. The pallets are adjustable between 310-430 mm and 430-680 mm and are asymmetrical to fit under the conical object. The two types also have different colors so that you can easily distinguish them.

But here you see how it is used, turned out very well 😊
Amanda Jepson, Sandivk

Dendro’s roof platforms enable Jönköping’s investment in electric buses

Jönköping has choosen to invest in electric buses. To maintain electric buses with technology on the roof, they needed an innovative solution. We at Dendro were pleased to be able to deliver that solution.

Our bus roof platforms were installed in February and this week we were finally able to be on site to educate the staff. They were very happy with the platforms and saw it as the natural way to work.

Thank you Jönköping for allowing us to be a part of this green investment!

Dendro Lift Bogie Load Test BFT50 film

Dendro Lift has together with Alstom produced a short film that shows how they use Dendro Lift BFT 50 to ensure the quality of their work with renovating the bogie in their new industrialized production line in Motala.

English Film (2:09)

Trailer (0:44)