Revolutionize your forklift maintenance with the newly improved Dendro Lift DSS2 and its latest innovations. We now offer even better ergonomics, higher speed, and improved functionality to make service technology even smoother and more efficient.

The following features are included in the Premium package:
✨ DSS2-1800 – Higher Lift for Better Working Position:
Extended working height up to 1800 mm as standard to enable work in an even more ergonomic position. Now you can easily access the truck’s undercarriage and lower parts while standing.

⚡ High-Speed Lifting:
Discover a whole new level of efficiency with our extra high-performance motor. DSS2 lifts the forklift to service height 33% faster, i.e., to 1800 mm in less than 60 seconds.

? Dual 230V Power Outlets:
Get even more functionality directly at the workplace as it comes standard with two additional 230V outlets. Easily connect tools and electronics for smoother maintenance work.

?️ With newly included vinyl fork protection guards, the color of your trucks and forklifts is protected against scratches. Give your trucks extra protection and preserve their visual integrity.

? DSS2-Short means a reduced length of the lifting arm for easier access to the truck’s front wheels. With DSS2-Short, we enable easier and more efficient inspection and maintenance of the front wheels.

With the new Dendro Lift DSS2 Premium package, you get:
• ✔️ Ergonomic working position for increased productivity.
• ✔️ Faster lifts for more efficient maintenance processes.
• ✔️ Extra power outlets for a smoother working environment.
• ✔️ Protection and preservation of your new trucks’ paint with fork protection.
• ✔️ Customization options for optimal service access.

Take your forklift maintenance to the next level with Dendro Lift DSS2 Premium and its new innovative features.