Dendro Lift is the official representative for Pfaff-silberblau in Scandinavia. We work together with Pfaff-silberblau for the large and complex installations and we can offer their entire product portfolio of lifting solutions.

For almost 140 years the name Pfaff-silberblau has stood for a range of lifting equipment which undergoes constant improvement. The bases of these systems are compression-loaded worm gear screw jacks.

Their product range includes mobile lifting jacks, lifting platforms, as well as special customized equipment like Lifting-Turning Devices, Underfloor Bogie- and Wheelset Lowering Systems, Accommodation Bogies, Rescue Bogies, Bogie Disassembly Wagons and Bogie Handling Systems and complete under-floor lifting systems. To cover all maintenance and repair work Pfaff-silberblau has the optimal solutions for your depot workshop.

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