Jungheinrich equip their workshops, starting with Europe, with the DSS2-1800 stacker lift. This is in order to quicken the process of servicing trucks while also enhancing the ergonomics and quality of the job being done. To maximize the potential, they chose the DSS2 with lifting height 1800 mm and a shorter lifting time.

These DSS2’s are delivered with matching yellow/gray colours, the same colours as Junheinrich’s line of products. They are also equipped with the following options:

  • 1800 mm lifting height
  • Increased speed lifting 30 % faster
  • Double electrical outlets for powering tools needed for the job
  • Adapter’s (4pcs) for trucks with linking arm underneath the fork
  • Customer-customized colouring
  • Extra grease cartridge

DSS2 with Jungheinrich colours